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Meet the team

Committed to the cause

Dancer Love Foundation has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the diversity of our staff, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our team members below.



King James - Our Inspiration & Spokesperson

James was first introduced to the Crossfit world at the first ever Qtown event to benefit those with intellectual disabilities. His new found friend, Heather (also a board member) invited him and several others in the Quincy Community to come out and join the fundraiser WOD. Once James walked in the door, he was hooked!  His first response to the event was: “When can I start working out here”. Since then, James has become a regular member of the Qtown Crossfit family. In addition, James’ popularity grew to the international Crossfit world as Sam & Jenn introduced him to fellow professionals in the Crossfit world.


James can be often found at Crossfit events and fitness competitions helping Ice Age Meals sling meat to a waiting hungry crowd.  He is always ready with a smile and hug for anyone who wants a photo, including his groupies who found James at the 2019 Crossfit games and asked for his signature, champions Matt Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey.  


James has become a staple in the Crossfit world and can be found on instagram @KingJamesFoster.  


James loves all sports, especially cardinal baseball (NOT the CUBS), his friends and can lift the spirits of anyone who needs a hug and a smile.



President & Director

My name is Jenn Dancer and here is a little about me. I love Jesus, dancing, traveling and I love talking to strangers and striking up conversations. I have a beautiful family of 3, my husband sam and our daughter Star. Sam and I love fitness and started a gym called Qtown Fitness. 


My passion before I had a family was playing soccer. I played soccer for the University of Missouri and after college, I packed up my bags and moved to Europe on my own to begin my professional soccer career. I played for seven years with the Boston Breakers and Pitea IF. After traveling alone I learned that I had a passion for spreading joy to others and getting to know their stories. Through those experiences I learned that I wanted to combine fitness and the love of getting to know people, but wasn't sure how to do that.


Then I met James Foster.  He walked into our gym one day and I got to know him. We started personal training James and not only saw a physical and mental improvement but we noticed how our members were responding to his joyous attitude. He brought so much happiness to everyone around him. Seeing and experiencing the unconditional love and kindness James has for everyone and the joy that emanates within him is what encouraged me to start the Dancer Love Foundation. I truly believe everyone not only needs to love like James, but also deserves to experience what that Love feels like. I pray that this foundation gives others that chance to experience the unconditional love.



Director & Creative Genius

Hey guys, my name is Sam Dancer! I’m a legally blind former ceramics artist, former D1 running back turned gym owner and professional CrossFitter. I’ve spent my life traveling the world collecting memories and knowledge through shared experiences with my wife Jennifer. Optimizing performance of the mind, body, spirit and relationships is what keeps this wild love machine ticking!




Hi, My name is Mike Davis, or better known by King James Foster as “Old

Man Strong”! I first met Sam & Jenn Dancer when they started Q-Town

Crossfit in our hometown of Quincy Illinois. My love of Crossfit has grown

since then and I have been able to complete my CF L1 and L2 certifications,

participate in many Crossfit competitions, and even work as a judge at

Crossfit Regionals as well many other smaller events.  My wellness journey

has included everything from adventure racing, triathlon, to team sports from

Hockey to Football.  I have experience training University Level teams as a

strength and conditioning coach as well as individual coaching as a USA

Triathlon Coach and of course coaching Crossfit Athletes! 

My passion for those who live each day with intellectual disabilities began

with my relationship and coaching of athletes in Special Olympics, especially

King James.  I love the Crossfit community and family for all that they are

and their incredible individual gifts they bring to help those who may be

underserved. The first fundraiser held at Q-Town CrossFit (Athletes for

Athletes WOD) was created at my dining room table with my wife, and

additional Dancer Love Foundation board member, Christine Wade. Sam

Dancer later had the vision to change the WOD to a team Rowing

event and the rest is history!!​


I have a passion for those with disabilities and connecting them with all the

opportunities that this world holds for them including health and fitness. The

only thing that outweighs my passion for people, is my passion

for my family, faith, and animals.


​I have been a part of the Row Raiser from its start as a small event and have

walked alongside it as it grew into an international experience and beyond. I

have recently relocated with my wife to Nevada. Now in a different state, I

hope to have an even greater opportunity to help grow the Dancer Love

Foundation and help ignite the passion in others through service and love.



Director & Secretary

My name is Christine Williams, and I am so excited to meet you!! I am a sucker for a good Acai bowl, I love Jesus, dogs, beach volleyball, snowboarding, hiking, traveling, and CrossFit. CrossFit is actually what connected me to The Dancers in 2012!


I began my coaching journey at QTown CrossFit in 2012 after my last volleyball season at Quincy University. Coaching has always been a huge passion of mine! I absolutely love sharing breakthrough moments and watching people accomplish goals they never thought possible.


In 2014, I helped create the Athletes 4 Athletes WOD, our first workout event to raise funds for Special Olympics. It was truly the most rewarding experience I have ever had at QTown, especially after meeting James Foster. At the end of 2014, I moved to Southern California to pursue a new coaching position at CrossFit RXD. 


In 2018, Heather & Mike Davis flew me to back to Quincy, IL to surprise everyone at  QTown’s annual Row Raiser. It was the most beautiful event. I felt so much love and support from start to finish. Since that day, I knew I wanted to be more involved.


In 2019, I was asked to be on the Board of Directors for the the Dancer Love Foundation. It is truly a blessing how this all came full circle! I am beyond humbled and incredibly grateful to be a part of this team. I am so excited to continue this journey to empower and encourage individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities!


God bless!

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