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The Row Raiser is the official fundraiser for the Dancer Love Foundation. The Row Raiser is a community rowing event, where teams of 10 row a marathon on a Concept 2 Rower. 75% of funds raised will go to the Dancer Love Foundation, and 25% goes to the individual that hosts the Row Raiser (funds can be used in any way)


The official donation form can be found here. If you are interested in hosting, please read the guidelines below of how to host a Row Raiser: 


1. 10 person teams: $50/person or $500/rower.

2. Choose your location, date, start time, and end time.


3. Ensure you have the appropriate amount of rowers for the number of teams signed up.


4. Set up an easy registration process (i.e. Eventbrite).

5. Reach out to local businesses/vendors/media for event essentials (water, ice, DJ, food trucks, media coverage, etc). 

6. Choose a check-in time before the event begins (i.e. 30 minutes before event start time).

7. Make any desired announcements, then cue teams to begin together. 

8.T-shirts may be purchased on or email to use the Row Raiser logo.

9. Optional: Set up a raffle with any in-kind gifts and other donations from vendors. 

10. Optional: Make fun awards for best team name, team costume, or first & last place. 

11. Optional: Dancer Love's EIN number is 83-3444263 in case a company would rather donate directly to the foundation. 

12. Print off Donation Form, fill it out and send it in with your donation. 

Have fun! We appreciate your love and support! 

-Dancer Love Foundation

how to host a row-raiser form

This is the instruction form for How to Host a Row-Raiser.

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