Concept 2 Giveaway

concept 2 is working we us to host a giveaway

Top 3 Fundraisers win a Rower

We are excited to announce Concept2, official sponsor of the Dancer Love Foundation, is giving away 3 rowers this year to the top 2 gyms and 1 individual who raise the most money for The Dancer Love Foundation throughout the year of 2020! (Winning rowers will be delivered directly to the addresses provided)

The funds may be raised by hosting a row raiser, “door-to-door” business/corporation donations or both. In order to participate, please head to to get your tax deductible letter or EIN number so you can provide to the donors.

Donations will be tracked through PayPal, please submit to: . Upon submission you MUST include the name of the individual/gym in the running for the Concept2 rower. We will be keeping a live track of the money each person has raised throughout the year. If a submission is through check, please be sure to have the donor write your name in the memo slot.

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Concept 2 sponsored event

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This is a flyer for the Concept2 Giveaway.